About Us

Welcome to Bushman Hunting Safaris Limited, a company formed by local hunters specializing in big game hunting in Tanzania.

Background & History

African Hunting Safaris have established a legacy of being challenging and adventurous. We wish to keep this legacy and extend it with the rich traditional African Hunting Flair.

Big Game Hunting

Our safaris will provide you with a taste of hunting the elusive and unpredictable dangerous big game.


As part of the Company’s innovative, creative and effective three – pronged approach towards wildlife conservation

Community Support

Investing in community based projects such as building schools, providing educational materials, building health care facilities, clinging water wells to local Communities.

Our Hunting Areas & Packages

Our Facilities

We strive to provide you with first class camps and facilities among the best in Tanzania complemented with stunning cuisines. Our professional hunters and trackers are first class and our team of staff strives to attend to your every detail.

Our Camp sites are situated with an eye for safety, privacy and isolated enjoyment of the scenery mainly amongst a glove of trees for shade and on the high bank of the rivers or springs with fresh water where the hunters can observe the animals coming for a drink on the low banks of the rivers, waterholes and pools.

Conservation &

Community Support